Hey everyone! Today I’ll tell you how to root your Coolpad phone. It just takes around 15-20 minutes if you follow all the steps correctly given below. Emphasize more on highlighted words. Lets begin!


  1. PC with MTK and SP Drivers installed
  2. Device which you want to root
  3. Some Files
  4. Brain
Some terms which you might know, but just go through it.
Stock recovery: The recovery that is installed on your phone by the manufacturers.
Custom Recovery: The recovery which you install like twrp, philz cwm etc..It brings in more functionality like rooting, making backup,flashing custom ROM etc
SuperSU: Normally, once you root your Android phone, every app that requires root privileges asks for it, and an app called Superuser jumps in so you can grant or deny those permissions when they’re needed
Bootloop: After you have flashed a recovery or a custom ROM on your device, your device keeps rebooting into the recovery mode instead of the normal mode that it is supposed to boot into.

Download the file for your device

Files needed:
1)Recovery for Coolpad note 3 lite
   Recover for Coolpad Note 3
2) Scatter file for Coolpad Note 3 lite
Scatter File for Coolpad note 3
3) SuperSU for Coolpad Note 3 lite
SuperSU for Coolpad Note 3
First things first, If you have upgraded your phone from lollipop to marshmallow and you didn’t factory reset the device from stock recovery during first boot, your device is encrypted at most times. So I recommend you to check if the device is encrypted with this tool.(follow the instructions there)
  • Rename the recovery file which you downloaded to recovery.img and place it in SP flash tool folder.
  • Also place the scatter file in SP flash tool folder
Once you know the status and decrypt the storage(in case), continue with the following steps.
1)Enable Developer option by going to settings->About phone->Tap on build number 8 times.
2)Now go to settings->developer option-> enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging
3) Switch off your device.
4)Run Sp flash tool as an administrator
5)Go to Scatter Loading option and browse and select scatter file of your device.
6) Hit download, after 2 seconds connect your device to the PC and press volume up button twice.
7)Flashing process will begin, it will take only 20-30 seconds to flash.
8) Disconnect the device
If you miss this step, you will encrypt your device again.
9) Press power button and Volume up button together till you get a message “ recover mode” written on bottom left screen of the device..
10) Follow the on screen instructions. Swipe right to allow modification.
 VIOLA!! you have installed custom recovery. 
Continue with the next part now
1) Now that you are in recovery mode, go to install->select storage->SD card and locate Supersu file that you downloaded.(in case you cant find SD card option, Go to mount and tick SD Card)
2) The flashing process will begin now, and it takes 45-50 seconds.
3)Once done, wipe dalvik  and cache
4)Reboot system
It will take some time to reboot. If you get bootloop then dont panic, its normal.
1)Why  TWRP is asking me for password?
Ans) Thats because your internal storage is encypted.
2)So what should I do now?
Ans) Press cancel. Flash SuperSU. It wont root your phone properly though. We are flashing to prevent bootloop. Now reboot. Go to settings->privacy->factory reset.
After this your phone will restart. 
Now turn off your device again and boot into recover by pressing volume up ad power key together. Twrp won’t ask for password anymore. Flash SuperSU to properly root the phone.

3)I’m getting error while flashing
Ans)Check if following things are correct
 i)OEM uncloking and USB debugging is enabled in settings
ii)SP drivers and MTK drivers are installed correctly
iii)Using SP flash tool as administartor
iv)USB cable connected properly(Change if needed)
v)USB port is working
4)I got success messgae, but cant boot into recovery
Ans) Did you press volume up key twice? If not try again by doing so.
5)Can I root using Kingroot or any other apps?
Ans) You can root only lollipop OS . For Marshmallow SP flash tool is the only way.
6)Are there any risk of Hard bricking the device?
Ans) Not at all. Your device is absolutely safe.
7)I cant reboot into system after flashing Custom Recovery
Ans) Flash SuperSU
8)Which TWRP should I use?
Ans) Check the links given above.

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