Ok, you got a new phone, used it for couple of months, and now you are bored of it. Now its obvious that you will not buy a new phone but you will Google and try to find the best Custom ROM available. Lets find which is one is best, stock or custom

Stock ROM

It is the OS which is preinstalled on your smartphone. It is given by the company and can be updated only if the company provided(very few). Here are the reasons why you should use stock ROM


We all know stock ROM will bore us after some time and want to try something new. But some companies are so reluctant, they hardly give any updates. So if you intend to root your phone and flash a custom ROM then your warranty will get void. But some phones cannot be rooted because the bootloader is locked. Basically they don’t want their customers to root the phone and void the warranty. So if you are a person who don’t have much knowledge about rooting,its better to be stock ROM.


Users who use stock ROM get official updates. It can be a bug fix or even a upgrade to a new OS. Updates can be in the form of FOTA(Firmware Over The Air) or Flashable ones. Its always recommended to make a backup of your device.


You get freebies in Stock ROM. For ex : a premium antivirus subscription or even some premium apps preinstalled. In custom ROM you wont get such stuff.


This is the main reason why people hesitate to install custom ROM. Stock ROMs are pretty secure as it is provided by well known companies. But this doesn’t mean custom ROMs aren’t safe. Make sure its from reliable team or developers. Else your data and privacy may be at stake.

Custom ROM


Definitely custom ROMs are meant to be rooted. If you have root access on your phone then you can do system level changes like removing bloatware,running root apps,hacking wifi etc.


As I mentioned earlier, custom ROMs are meant for fun. You can use root apps like greenify to save battery. Xposed(if supported) module to modify your system. You can even change IMEI and MAC address with root apps. But as always there’s a big risk involved for inexperienced users. Do remember that some apps like snapchat, net banking apps wont work on custom ROMs which are rooted.


You get tonnes of updates. Latest OS upgrades and bug fix. Custom ROMs like Cyanogen and Resurrection Remix give bug fix updates (if any)every month if your device is officially supported.
Besides that google also rolls out security patch updates every month. But sadly people who use stock ROM don’t get these on regular basis.

4)Didn’t like? Then change

Custom ROMs are installed using custom recovery like Philz,TWRP and CWM. It gives you option to install any custom ROM.
For ex: If you dont like Oxygen OS, just boot into recovery and flash whichever ROM you want.
I know some points given above may be contradictory. But at the end it is upto you to decide.
My opinion: Buy a phone, use it for some time till theres some development for it, root it,flash custom ROM and enjoy.
Hope you find this informative, do leave a comment if you have any queries.

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